The definition mess - what is what?

Everyone is talking about the same, but everybody calls it different: An attempt to untangle the knot.

Clean Climb|ing [kliːn ˈklʌɪmɪŋ]: most frequently used term describing climbing with mobile protection gear only. All gear like nuts, camming devices, slings and at times pitons, are placed by the leading climber and removed by the follower. The aim is to leave the rock “clean” with as little of a trace as possible. It is sometimes criticized as “elitism” because the term implies that all other styles are “un-clean”. 

Climb|ing with|out bolts [ˈklʌɪmɪŋ wɪˈðaʊt bəʊlts]: the somewhat cumbersome synonym for Clean Climbing which describes the climbing style by using a criterion of exclusion (“without the use of bolts”). 

sel|ber Ab|si|chern [zɛlpɐ ˈapzɪçɐn]: most frequently used German synonym for Clean Climbing. Focuses on the fact that the route needs to be protected self-reliantly with mobile gear.

Trad (Tra|di|tio|nal) Climb|ing [trəˈd (trəˈdɪʃ(ə)n(ə)l) ˈklʌɪmɪŋ]: synonym for Clean Climbing mostly used in Great Britain. The still dominant (in GB) “traditional” climbing style that sets itself apart from sports climbing, which allows fixed protection (bolts) on the rock.

Plai|sir Climb|ing [plezˈiʀ ˈklʌɪmɪŋ]: a term that was established by the Swiss mountain guide and author J. v. Känel (1951-2005) in the 1990’s. It describes sports climbing in fully bolted routes in the easy to middle grades and led to a boom of sanifying climbs with (lots of) bolts. Indirectly, the term turned sports climbing into a sport for the masses.

keep|wild! climbs [kiːpwʌɪld klʌɪmz]: a campaign established by mountain wilderness in 2003 which was launched as a political countermovement to the bolting-boom. It opposes the unlimited and thoughtless bolting of climbs and demands a co-existence of plaisir and unbolted keepwild! routes, which have to be self protected.