What is Clean Climbing?

Climbing without leaving Traces

Clean Climbing is climbing with mobile, removable protection gear. It is also referred to as “self protection”, “climbing without bolts” or “trad climbing”.

In this climbing style all protection gear like nuts, camming devices (camalots, friends), slings, etc. are placed by the leading climber and removed by the following climber. The aim to leave the rock after the ascent with as little of a trace as possible.

Not Better, But Different

Clean Climbing is not better than climbing with bolts – but simply different. It demands a bit more commitment. Finding the route, climbing, placing gear, building belays and remove everything again. Some really like that, others do not. That’s great! It is the variety that makes mountain sports that attractive.

„PLAISIR“ Is also possible without bolts

Thanks to ever improving mobile protection devices, it is nowadays possible for the average climber to climb clean and safely at the same time. Clean climbing is not an extreme sport. It simply takes self responsibility, a bit of practice and a keen interest to interact with (seemingly) untouched rock.

Deep Experiences – Holidays for the Heart

Finding your own route, feeling like a first ascender, leaving no traces – Clean Climbing is the joy of experiencing unspoiled nature, self responsibility and the immediate freedom to discover the mountains last wild places. It is a holiday for the heart – nothing shows you the way, no traces of everyday life in our civilized world.


They are still existing - these wild, pristine rock landscapes without humans traces. But well accessible, unbolted routes have become rare. These need to be protected for future generations who also have a right to experience a vertical wilderness. mountain wilderness stands up for a diverse climbing culture in Switzerland, in which all the disciplines of the sport can co-exist vitally and have their space on the mountain. – keepwild!