Basic Equipment

Prior to hitting the climbing store to buy massive amounts of gear, novices should gain experience in a course, or by climbing with an old hand. You will soon realize what sort of equipment is really necessary and essential. Once you have got this first bit of experience and are excited about placing gear and building belays, what comes next is a visit to the climbing store. As a basic beginner-rack we recommend  (in addition to common climbing equipment) the following Clean Climbing Tools:

  • 5-6 slings and/or accessory cords
  • Stopper-Set including 5-8 stoppers
  • 2-3 small-size Camalots and/or Ballnuts
  • 2-3 mid-size Camalots
  • 2 large-size Camalots
basic gear for keepwild! climbs

Depending on what your plans are you might need additional equipment. For longer clean alpine climbs (e.g. in Ticino) the following extras should be carried along: 

  • 3-4 pitons with a hammer
  • additionally 2-4 Camalots / Ballnuts in varying sizes
  • several meters of accessory cord for eventual retreat maneuvers.