Trying something new

In order to get used to Cams & Co. it takes a bit of courage and a keen interest to try something new. To make sure that you are enjoying yourself while placing gear, you should already have climbing experience and be familiar with common rope handling as well as abseiling. Ideally you are able to lead bolted routes up to 5a/5b. If that is the case the doors are open to experience the discipline of “Clean Climbing”.

Step 1: Instruction & Training

Of course it is possible to learn „Clean Climbing“ using the method of „trial and error“ – but that is certainly not the safest way and also demands both time and courage. It is more recommendable to start with a course and thus learn “the trade from the base”. Doing so helps you avoid the biggest errors right from the start.


going further piece by piece – at the beginning it is ideal to chose routes with the occasional bolt

In addition to bolted crag routes it is ideal to climb routes that are partly bolted but require additional protection. This combination is perfect to prepare yourself for completely clean routes. You get the certainty of being in the correct route and most of the belays are bolted. If a retreat is necessary you can use the existing belays and anchors.


Once  quite familiar with the correct use of Cams & Co. it is about time to try easier, clean lines well below your personal climbing limit. Routes with a protectability in the range of C-1 or C-1+, (see C-Scale) would be ideal.

Only the very experienced should attempt the great keepwild! climbs  and maybe, ultimately, try to open new, untouched routes. We are happy about any report of clean first ascents!