Fundamental Documents

In 2000 the UIAA Mountaineering Commission published the article „To bolt or not to be“ as a reaction to the increasing use of fixed protection material in mountaineering. Several national mountain sports organizations demanded  a solution and a consensus between climbers, mountain athletes and all other groups involved, as a result of the ongoing “bolt-war” between purists and plaisir climbers.  

A much further reaching and all-encompassing document was passed at the international congress “Future of the mountain sport” in Innsbruck in the fall of 2002. This “Tyrol Declaration On Best Practice In Mountain Sports” was developed and supported by leading representatives of the alpine and mountain sports organizations, as well as the UIAA. It offers mountain athletes rules for their interaction with nature and may be viewed as an important impulse towards sustainable mountain sports.

The articles „To bolt or not to be“ and the „Tirol-Deklaration“ shall live and be lived by. mountain wilderness Switzerland wants to set a good example and catalyse the public discusson on developing and sanifying climbing routes in the Swiss Alps.