Fair on the Mountain

Limited Ressource Rock

The resource of rock is limited. As climbers and even more as sanifiers and developers of so far untouched rock landscapes we have a special responsibility to keep the last wilderness islands of our mountains truly wild. If we develop a route using bolts we should be aware that the traces and consequences will be visible even in a hundred years from now. Future Generations will also have the need to experience and explore original and seemingly untouched landscapes. 

Into the Wild - as a guest

We should be well aware that while climbing we are guests in wild, pristine nature - a good that needs to be handled with care and respect. mountain wilderness favores a vast climbing culture – Plaisir Climbing and Clean Climbing can exist next to each other. We advocate for a wide discussion about where and in which style should be climbed and to what extend approach trails to the crags should be developed. We believe that only a wide consensus can lead to a satisfying development for the different groups of nature users.

A sense of responsibility instead of prohibitions 

For mountain wilderness rigorous prohibitions are the wrong approach. People should have the possibility to experience wilderness and nature and should not be excluded of it. This requires a responsible interaction with our mountains instead of adapting them to human wants using drilling machines and prybars.

The Charta of first ascending and sanifying of rock climbing routes as well as the leaflets "Climbing & Nature" contain suggestions on what we mean by a sustainable use of our mountains. We are looking forward to a lively discussion and would be pleased to see alpinists respect these guidelines and support their implementation.

Manifesto dell'Alpe Spluga — keepwild! climbing days 2013

Picture-perfect autumn days. Golden grass slopes, a deep blue sky and crystal clear views of the valaisian   4000ers – the Alpe Spluga (1838 m) and the surrounding rock mountains presented themselves in the best light during the keepwild! climbing days 2013. For four days twenty participants were climbing high above the Valle Maggia in traditional style, showing how nature friendly mountain sports can be practiced. Our approach was written down in the «Manifesto dell’Alpe Spluga»  which was passed unisonous by the more than 20 international participants.

Manifest in German

Manifest in Italian