more climbing areas

In this rubric we post some interesting links to a variety of guide books, that might offer some inspiration for clean climbers in their tour planning. Most of the featured areas aren’t pure clean climbing areas but generally a recommendation of possible spots worth a visit with friends & co.  

Guidebook Gruebenkessel

Far off the beaten track this book offers detailed information about the Gruebenkessel and, among others, about keepwild!climbs...

Valsertal - in the heart of Graubünden

Various multi-pitch routes on slabs and through crack systems – only the really necessary bolts/pitons to be found… enjoy! 

Tonalite - Young Cristalline mountains in the SE of Switzerland

The excellent friction and the unique mountain figures make the Bergell one of the best known alpine climbing areas in the Alps. South of it the Val di Mello is known for the little number of fixed equipment. Have Fun!

Climbing guide Ticino

Standard piece for Ticino including many possibilities - also for the keepwild! aficionado... 

Salbit - A Big Climbing Mountain in Central Switzerland

In the Salbit area numerous routes have been developed in plaisir style. But those who dare trying the bigger routes ,or don’t mind placing mobile protection next to a bolt, will find a truly great area... 


Another beautiful spot with lots of plaisir routes which can also be well protected with mobile protection gear – a good place to practice. 

Between Martigny and the french border

Some gems in the South West of Switzerland – also well equipped routes, but not only...

... a possible continuation in France...

The Chamonix Granite is world famous for its quality, just like piola for his thought-out route-equipping...

On the southern rim of the Parco Nationale Grand Paradiso

In the Valle dell`Orco far above Torino a real "Clean Climbing" gem is waiting...

Steep walls in the east

The Dolomites certainly offer more than enough routes for every taste...

Saxonian Switzerland

The  sandstone rocks of Saxonian Switzerland are one of the big European climbing areas. Geologically and as a landscape the area finds its continuation in Bohemian Switzerland, Czech Republic. Due to the very special protection methods and climbing rules, it is not recommended to first-time visitors to climb completely on their own account. Here you find a large online data base including literature tipps.



Southern Pfalz

Due to their massive, over 60 meters high sandstone walls and towers in a scenic surrounding combined with an over hundred years old climbing tradition, the Southern Pfalz is one of Germanys most important climbing areas. Cracks, chimneys, friction slabs, honeycomb walls and conglomerate rock demand a vast variety of climbing skills and also a good bit of moral – the majority of the routes has to be partly or even completely self protected!


Generally the Battert is known to be a boldly protected Porphyr-Climbing-Area where people should  know how to use nuts and cams. Most of the Battert-climbs offer enjoyable climbing on slabs, edges, cracks, walls and roofs. The offered range is wide and the list of other stuff worth doing is long! Lots of Battert peaks carry famous Dolomites names. Once standing on top of one of them you immediately know why.  The Cima della Madonna & Sass Maor both offer heaps of amazing routes in the middle grades.


The climbing area of Ettringen is located in the basalt quarries between Mayen, Ettringen and Kottenheim at the border of the Osteifel near the slopes of the Hochsimmer. It offers a multitude of cracks, dihedrals and edge climbs on rough volcanic rock. As people have already climbed in Ettringen since the early 80s, the fixed protection is reduced to what is really necessary. So frankly speaking nuts and friends should be part of your standard rack!  

Wild crack climbs in the land of the tafonis

Corsica offers everything a climber can dream of, also a wild landscape with a lot of keepwild! climbs...

Carefully chosen alpine sport climbs in Corsica

Handpicked sport climbs, for which a basic knowledge of mobile gear is quite helpful. 

Clean Climbing up north

Nothing left undone in the Alps? :-) --> a possibility!

Peak District

In the heartland of trad climbing. Challenges in all grades...